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Arcoiris - Now On View

"Arcoiris" is an installation made of bones and watercolors. Arcoiris, Spanish for "rainbow", literally translated as "seeing the arc in the eye", is Amelie Russana's second exhibition in her studio in Heidelberg in 2023. The exhibition is currently under construction and is expected to open at the end of June. The drawing from the last exhibition "The Artist's Night Dream was of Soft Blackness" can still be seen on the walls.


Note: The bones were donated by Metzgerei Unger in Heidelberg. No animal died specifically for this work. The bones are by-products of the sale, which would have been disposed of without this work.

Opening of new solo exhibition

"THE ARTIST NIGHTDREAM, was of soft Blackness"

March 18 to April 09

Due to the fragility of the works, you can visit the exhibition at any time by appointment at

Upcoming Show

"THE ARTIST NIGHTDREAM, was of soft Blackness"

"I continued working in the studio. The images that overwhelmed me, to which I had to surrender, revealed the soñadoras (the dreamers). The soñadora appears again and again. More and more. And now?


They haven't left me behind, they haven't kept me at a distance. From time to time the works want to keep the artist away, but not her. They have taken me with them and shared with me what they have preserved with so much mystery, so much seduction and intact innocence. They shared their dream with me. Yes, their shared dream.


A deep black dream full of warmth: the universe being born, the sap of life flowing through stars, time and jungles, a pregnant woman accompanied by fireflies, the dancing galaxies and a snake slithering through the curtains of bones.


And like Cinderella, when 5 o'clock strikes in the evening, I stop drawing the dream. I put on the artist's mask and sit between the arms of the dream. The process is repeated daily. It amazes me how everything seems simple without my summoning and step by step I merge with the dream.

Only to realize that the soñadoras did not lead me to their dream, but that it was actually always the artist's dream, that it was my dream that I have been drawing for the last few months. And the grip of cold fear grips me, because I know that the opening of vulnerability to the viewer will perhaps be more than I can bear. Here I am naked and vulnerable, ready to explode or disappear. We shall see."


Amelie Russana

Studio work between visions and painting

After Bergamo, I felt the strong urge and heard this call in my head "paint, paint, next paint, paint, ... paint on paper ... paint on paper". So it was obvious to follow this call and concentrate on the large watercolor paintings. The paintings draw me in. They surround me. Suddenly everything flowed out of me, as if it had just been waiting to finally burst. Painting and thinking about painting and the call became a liberating process.


The paintings and drawings emerged. The element of a dreaming, sensual woman becomes more and more dominant, slipping into every drawing unplanned. As if everything I touch becomes transparent, delicate skin. I follow this dominance, concentrating on this luminous warmth. It is joined by the presence of the eternal dark night. 


So my hands began to connect and interweave the sensual dreaming women with the deep darkness of a blue and the symbols of the night, the moon and the stars.